Tousle & Go Travel Size $ 9.95

Texture Spray

Tousle & Go Travel Size

Need a little extra lift, grit, or hold throughout your day? Fatboy Tousle & Go Texture Spray Travel Size is the perfect life saver. 

How: Shake vigorously before each use. Spray wherever you want a bit of volume and movement. Tousle hair and repeat until the desired look is achieved.

When: When you want that pretty but gritty texture. Next day hair without the dirt or the wait.

Why: A blend of Aloe and Zeolite make this dry texture spray hydrating, while still giving you a nice gritty feel. It also helps to smooth unruly strands into an intentional messy look.

Pro Tips: For voluminous hair, focus on the roots for a height boost and finish the mid-lengths and ends with an all over spray. For a natural, dirty texture: spray on wet hair, scrunch, tousle, and go.




Tousle & Go Travel Size